WATCH: Pastor Benny Hinn in Support of March for the Martyrs

Pastor Benny Hinn and founder of For the Martyrs, Gia Chacon, discuss the March for the Martyrs Join us as we march to stand in solidarity with the persecuted Christians around the world on September 5th in Long Beach, CA. Please note, the date mentioned in this video was postponed until September 5th, 2020 due […]

WATCH: March for the Martyrs Interview with Rome Reports

From Rome Reports: March For the Martyrs in SoCal seeks to raise awareness about religious persecution The number of persecuted Christians around the world continues to multiply each year. It’s a reality being taken seriously even in perhaps unexpected places, including sunny California. GIA CHACONFounding President, For the Martyrs“We know that as Christians, when one […]

10 Facts about Christian Persecution

Have you ever wondered how often do our brothers and sisters in the different parts of the world suffer from persecution and religious violence? How they are constantly placed in a tight spot just because they believe in Christ? Approximately more than two hundred million Christians are facing high levels of persecution worldwide according to […]

WATCH: March for the Martyrs Founder on EWTN

FROM EWTN NEWS NIGHTLY: March for the Martyrs is an event where the faithful can stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians around the world through prayer and action. Gia Chacon, president and founder of For the Martyrs, tells us how the group is bringing attention to this often overlooked issue.

10 Scriptures that Give Hope Amidst​ Persecution

Was there a time in your life when you wondered why God allowed you to suffer tremendously whilst you live by his teachings and follow his commands? Did you find yourself questioning God through your prayers? Don’t fret for the Lord is merciful and just; his love is unwavering and he will never fail us.  […]