David Curry to be a Keynote Speaker at the 2021 March for the Martyrs

David Curry to be a Keynote Speaker at the 2021 March for the Martyrs

David Curry to be a Keynote Speaker at the 2021 March for the Martyrs

David Curry, the President and CEO of Open Doors USA, is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the 2021 March for the Martyrs in Washington, D.C.

Open Doors USA is a nonprofit organization that supports persecuted Christians and reaches over 60 countries, a majority of which are high-risk areas. Aid for persecuted Christians is distributed through Bible smuggling, persecution preparedness training, mailing letters of encouragement, prayer campaigns and much more. Open Doors USA also gathers data on Christians persecution and maintains the World Watch List, a record of the top 50 countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian.

In addition to being President and CEO of Open Doors USA, David Curry has written and spoken about Christian persecution and the necessity of religious freedom. Curry has testified before the House Foriegn Affairs Committee and has met with a variety of politicians at the White House, the Senate, and the State Department to advocate for religious freedom and spread awareness about Christian persecution.

One of Curry’s key points has been helping Christians in the West become more aware of the realities of Christian persecution. In an interview on the Faithwire podcast, Curry said, “We should take the uncomfortable things we see within our context and expand our mind to understand there are some people for whom owning a Bible is a death sentence, for whom going to church means you may lose your job. Yet they’ve counted the cost of their faith and they’re still doing it. It’s a strong church, it’s a joyful church, and there are things we can learn from them.” 

In an article with USA Today responding to the abduction of 17 Christians in Nigeria, Curry wrote about the need for Christians in the West to be aware of and learn from the persecuted Church:  

“When believers in Nigeria began to face persecution, they dropped the denominational infighting that is more common to the West and recognized that everyone suffering for their faith in Jesus is our family. The American church can learn from their example and rally the world to care about religious persecution and rising intolerance for all faiths, if it chooses to care.”

“The persecuted church around the world is giving us clues on how Christians can survive, and in some cases thrive, in the face of danger. In those lessons, we can find inspiration to deepen our own faith — which might come in handy as persecution comes to the West.”

“My prayer is that we will soon be shocked from our sleep and jolted into action. We must educate American congregations about global religious rights abuses, and then engage this crisis together.”

For the Martyrs is excited to have David Curry as a keynote speaker at the 2021 March for the Martyrs. To hear him speak at the March for the Martyrs, register at

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