For The Martyrs In CRUX

September 18, 2020
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Last week you organized a “March for the Martyrs” in Long Beach, California. What was this event? Why did you organize it?

I was inspired to host a March for the Martyrs to bring much needed awareness to the crisis of Christian Persecution and to unify the Body of Christ around this issue. For the first time in United States history, hundreds of people across all denominations of Christianity gathered together to raise awareness to the crisis of Christian persecution around the world and to stand in solidarity with the persecuted Church. As we marched through downtown Long Beach during the first-ever March for the Martyrs, our message was clear: Christian persecution will not be ignored and suffering believers are not and will not be forgotten.

It is so critical that we speak up for the persecuted Church, that we all come together in solidarity with the persecuted Church, and take a powerful stand against the religious oppression of Christians. But, the March didn’t end with the March, we will continue to stand and speak up, and we will continue to March for the Martyrs everyday – and bring the crisis of Christian persecution to the forefront of the fight for the human rights of all.



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