North Korean Christians Continue to Suffer Under Oppressive Regime

May 3, 2021
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The hermit kingdom of North Korea is an oppressive regime for people of all walks of life, but even more so toward Christians. Below is the account of a field worker who worked with Christians in North Korea and China:

“My work was to meet North Korean women, especially those sold through human traffickers and forcibly married to Chinese men. But many are treated as a means to deliver babies.

“Without legal identification, they cannot travel freely within China. They cannot do what they want. They are confined in the situation. I visited them worshiped God with them, studied the Bible with them and gave them what they needed.

“One thing I want to tell the sisters is: God is always with you. Even when it is pitch black and you feel like you are alone, Jesus is holding your hand. Please don’t forget this truth. Please don’t think that you will just suffer and die like this. Sure God has his own plans for your life. Please remember this. Please remind yourself of God’s plan for your life. This is my message to them.”

The North Korean Constitution does technically maintain that citizens have freedom of religion, and thus subsequently the rights to build religious buildings and hold services according to their faith. The clause that is problematic though is that religion shall not attract foreign intervention or disrupt the state’s social order. 

North Korea has ten principles and 65 subclasses of a belief system that was established in 1974 which pretty much establishes the Supreme Leader as a deity and therefore, any other religion could be seen as disrupting the social order. Thus, many Christian churches and sometimes even Buddhist temples can be restricted under that final clause of disrupting the social order and the ultimate desire for all to worship the Supreme Leader rather than anything else. 

For the Martyrs remains committed to its mission of bringing awareness to Christian persecution to the far ends of the earth, whether North Korea, China or anywhere else where our brothers and sisters suffer for their faith in Christ.


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