March for the Martyrs

March for the Martyrs Privacy Policy

MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS, and affiliated companies, as well as their respective officers and employees, provide services that allow you to connect to different communities and outreach, access all of the app data and information on both the mobile app and from a desktop, allow you to give back to different communities, use the app tools to reach registered MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS communities and both see and make donations and contributions to these communities.

To provide you with MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS services, we collect information about you and other needed information. As described below, MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS is able to offer its application services to you for free or through a Premium Subscription, through the development and marketing of anonymous consumer or user data. We recognize that you should have the right to know how the data we collect and/or are provided with are used, processed, analyzed and disclosed, and what controls you have over that data once shared with us.

This Privacy Policy applies to all kinds of information MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS and any corporate affiliates collect and/or are provided with for current and former consumers or users in connection with all the products, services, websites, microsites, and mobile applications we offer on behalf of ourselves or others, and constitutes our internal policy in protecting Personal Information as required by applicable laws and regulations implemented in your country of origin.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You may rest assured that MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS takes privacy and security seriously and are receptive to any feedback and comment on these issues. If you have any queries, comments or concerns, or otherwise require any help, please feel free to contact us at

By using our products or services, we assume that you have carefully read and agreed to our Privacy Policy, and verified, confirmed and consented to the accuracy, confidentiality, and purpose of use of Personal Information about you and how the Personal and/or Non-Personal Information we collect and/or are provided with is used, processed, analyzed and disclosed.

In this privacy policy, we describe the information we collect and how we use and share it. By using MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS websites, mobile apps, or services that facilitate the provision of such websites and mobile apps ("Services"), and accepting the Terms of Service, you agree to this Privacy Policy. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, YOU MAY NOT USE THE SERVICES.

Unless defined otherwise in this Privacy Policy, all terms defined in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings given to them in our terms of services (“Terms of Services”). This Privacy Policy is an integrated, inseparable part of the Terms of Services.

The rules that MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS Follows:

Rule No. 1: We have never, we do not and we will never sell our users' personal data to anyone for any reason whatsoever

MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS will never transfer personal data to third parties. Our business model based on the production of statistics and quantifiable data relating to Parish Activities.

To produce these statistics, we anonymize and aggregate data we collect from you. These statistics do not represent user profiling in any way, and they do not allow for any proxies regarding a specific user of our services.

Rule No. 2: We are transparent and direct with all of our users

Before the user connects to MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS, we provide him/her with black on white details regarding our engagement to never sell any personal data to third parties and to only commercialize statistics based on anonymous data. All of this is then detailed in an intelligible and simple manner in our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Scope

This Privacy Policy applies to all data and information collected by MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS. MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS considers all personal information to be information that can be used to determine the actual identity of a specific individual and to contact that person, such as the following: name, address, email address, and/or phone number. We do not consider personal information to include information that, taken alone, does not allow a third party to easily identify and contact a specific individual.

What you are consenting to are as follows:

By using the Services, you are consenting to:

1. The collection, use, store and processing of all the information you provided in our application such as providing your personal information (e.g. name, age, date of birth), personal demographic survey questions.

2. The collection, use, store and processing of information collected from the online accounts you connect to the Service, such as social media accounts, and or personal email accounts and business email accounts;

The use of cookies and other related technology;

The sharing of anonymous transaction information with trusted third parties who work with us under strict confidentiality agreements.

The sharing of aggregated and anonymized data in relation to your subscriptions, purchases and or donations, with service providers and vendors;

The collection, use, sharing and other processing of your information as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy.

What information does MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS collect and/or provided?

We may collect and/or are provided with the following types of information:

1. Information you provide

The personal and/or non-personal information that we receive is only limited to what is provided by users; such as, but not limited to; during the app’s sign-up process, users’ survey answers, data uploaded by users, etc. We will not collect any personal data without users’ consent. Every personal information we have is the information our users willingly and knowingly share.

2. Information Collected by Automated Means

We may obtain certain personal and non-personal information by automated means when you avail of our Services or use the app. The type of information we collect by automated means may vary, but generally includes technical information about your computer, such as IP address or other device identifier. The information we collect also may include usage information and statistics about your interaction with our websites or apps. That information may include the URLs of our web pages that users visited, URLs of referring and exiting pages, page views, time spent on a page, number of clicks, platform type, and other information about how you use our websites.

In cases where you use a mobile device to access the MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS App, we will receive information about the location of your device. In some cases, even if you are not using a mobile device, information about your general location may be discernible from your device’s IP address or the URLs we receive. If you access or use our sites or services with your mobile telephone, we may collect your telephone number.

We use the information we collect by automated means to understand our users and to determine their preferences. As a result, we can develop and deliver new or modified offerings, improved with our users’ preferences in mind. As described below, we also may use it to provide a more personalized user experience and to manage advertising or additional services in the future.

Information from cookies

When you visit a MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS website and/or mobile application or click on a banner advertisement, we may send one or more cookies to your computer or any other device.

You can set your browser to refuse all cookies, delete previously-stored cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, some features or services of the MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS website and/or mobile application may not function properly without cookies.

Email and Other Types of Accounts

You may also provide information such as the login credentials for your email, social networking, or other Internet accounts that you consciously link to the App and its services. By linking the App and its Services to your email or other Internet accounts, you authorize us to gather, parse, and retain information relating solely to your community activities. We do not collect any personal information from users’ email. Our scope is limited to emails that are filtered through the sender’s email address. We have not, do not and will never collect users’ personal information from users’ emails as we respect the privacy of our users.

If you grant MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS permission to access your email account, we will use the access only to collect user history data. We will automatically collect information from your emails about app transactions, if ever there were, details of what was availed, such as services or community giving or donations, the information for these transactions, the amount donated or given, if there were any and the date of these activities. Nevertheless, you do not have to grant us this access in order to use our Service.

We use the information collected from your email to provide you with our products and services, to improve these services, to conduct market research, and to produce and maintain aggregate statistics and to provide trending data services.

You should grant us this access only if you are comfortable with us having access to your emails. You may opt-in anytime you wish to link your email account and may opt-out anytime you wish for your email account to no longer be linked with the MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS App.

Logs and other types of information

When a MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS website, mobile application, email, advertisement or other content served by or on behalf of us on other websites, microsites or mobile applications is accessed, we automatically record Personal and/or Non-personal Information about you that your browser and/or mobile application sends.

These logs typically include your web request, internet protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser, mobile application or Account(s) to the MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS App.

Other actions, such as interactions with some advertisements, may also be included in our logs. During your login to MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS application, we may use software tools such as JavaScript to measure and collect session information, including page response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks, and mouse-overs) and methods used to browse away from the page.


The MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS mobile application may request permission to send you emails containing links to surveys in which you will be involved, and may also be presented with surveys within the application itself. Once you are in these surveys, your answers will be collected to the surveys and reused, by way of, among other ways, being processed, analyzed, stored, displayed, announced, sent and/or disclosed, and/or opening access to them.

Mobile Device Information

MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS uses tools, including third-party analytical software to automatically collect certain anonymous data about your device that does not directly identify you, such as (i) device properties, including, but not limited to unique or other device identifier; (ii) device software platform and firmware; (iii) mobile phone carrier; (iv) geographical data such as country or region; (v) other similar data as reasonably required by MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS to enhance the Services and other MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS products and services.

How does MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS use my information?

Managing your account(s)

We use, process and/or analyze Personal and/or Non-Personal Information about you that we collect and/or are provided with to manage your account(s).

For example, we use Non-Personal Information you provide us and the purchase information we collect to track, process, post and fulfill Rewards you earn and to provide customer service.

In addition, we may use Non-Personal Information and application information about you to keep you updated on new features and product developments as well as to provide more relevant offers to you.


We use, process and/or analyze the Personal and/or Non-Personal Information we collect and/or are provided with to provide our Clients with strategy reports that may contain processed, populated (not raw, (directly or indirectly) identifying) data. Our Clients will not be able to identify our users in any way by using the data we provide to our clients.

For developing, evaluating, improving and properly delivering our products and services

We use the Personal and/or Non-Personal Information we collect and/or are provided with to develop, evaluate, improve and deliver our products and services.

For example, if we learn from the information we collect and/or are provided with that certain clients, certain applications or certain services scheme are valuable to Registered Users, we may offer more services for those products.

Fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements

We will not use and process your Personal Information unless required to comply with federal, state, or other applicable laws and regulations in your country of origin or the originating country for the MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS app.

Protect the rights or property of MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS or our Registered Users

We also may use Personal and/or Non-Personal Information about you that we collect and/or provided with to the extent we believe it is necessary or appropriate to enforce or apply our rights under our agreements with Registered Users and/or to protect the rights, property or safety of MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS, our Registered Users, and others.

How does MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS share information about you?

Anonymized Personal Information

We anonymized the data contained in users’ offline and online receipts to then proceed to analyze the data along with millions of other users. We share and monetize these anonymized data to our third-party clients that work with us under a very strict confidentiality agreement to protect MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS and its app users too. The data we share with our third-party Clients can not be used to identify specific individual users.

Third-party companies or contractors

MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS may share anonymized and aggregated data that we collect and/or with which we are provided with third-party market research and other unaffiliated companies who may use, process and/or analyze the anonymized and aggregated data for any legally permissible purpose including but not limited to matching to additional data sets, data analysis, and research reports.

Information we share with third parties as permitted by governing laws

We reserve the right to disclose Personal and/or Non-personal Information about you to the extent permitted by applicable law, for example:

Business transfers

If there is a change of ownership in MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS's business (whether by merger, sale of assets or otherwise), Personal and/or Non-Personal Information about you could be included as part of that transaction and could be used by the relevant counterparts.

Protection of MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS and others

We may display, announce, transmit, publicize and/or give access to Personal and/or Non-Personal Information about you to third parties when we believe such action is appropriate to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, court order, subpoena or search warrant, or in the course of a legal proceeding.

We may also display, announce, transmit, publicize and/or give access to Personal and/or Non-Personal Information about you as we believe appropriate to enforce or apply our rights under our agreements with Registered Users, and to protect the rights, property or safety of MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS, our Registered Users and others, including exchanging information for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

With your consent

In addition to the above, we may display, announce, transmit, publicize and/or give access to Personal and/or Non-Personal Information about you with others for purposes other than those set out elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, to the extent you consent to such action.

Non-Personal Information

We may provide aggregated Non-Personal Information about you to Clients, Partners or others for marketing, analysis, and other purposes. For example, your purchase information may be aggregated with the purchase information of other Registered Users and analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of certain award offers or advertisements, and the results of that analysis may be shared with Clients, Partners or others.

Security of Personal Information about You

MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS is committed to earning and keeping your trust. We understand the need for Personal Information about you to remain secure and private, and we have implemented security practices and procedures designed to safeguard Personal Information about you based on this Privacy Policy.

Only MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS employees and service providers who need to use, process and/or analyze Personal Information about you as part of their jobs are authorized to have access to Personal Information about you. Please remember that you also play a valuable part in data security. You should never share your Account password, if applicable, with anyone.

If you feel your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately. After you have finished using our mobile application or website(s), you should log out of your Account and exit your browser so that no unauthorized persons can use our website under your name or Account.

Online Forums

Please note that any Personal and/or Non-personal Information you voluntarily include in bulletin boards, chat rooms and other online forums we may offer may be viewed and used by anyone with access to those forums. MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS is unable to control any use of such Personal and/or Non-Personal Information.

Collection of Information from Children

Such use of this service should be done with consent from one of the biological parents or legal guardians of the relevant child using the products or services. If you are under the age of 16 or such younger age than the eligibility threshold to be deemed as an adult applicable in your jurisdiction, by ticking the consent box available on our mobile application and/or using our products or services, we assume that you have obtained a consent from one of your biological parents or legal guardian to use the mobile application and/or the products or services.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please note MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS reserves the right to modify and/or update this Privacy Policy from time to time so please review it frequently. We will post any Privacy Policy changes on this page and, we will provide a notice on the MARCH FOR THE MARTYRS mobile application or by email to the email address we have on file in your Account.

Each later version of this Privacy Policy will override the previous version, and we will also store previous versions of this Privacy Policy that you may review upon your written request to us.