Together, We’ve Made an Impact

Together, We’ve Made an Impact

Together, We’ve Made an Impact

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With persecution rising every year for Christians around the world, we are faced with the question: Who will be their voice?

For the Martyrs is dedicated to raising awareness about the crisis of Christian persecution, advocating for religious freedom, and providing aid to suffering Christians around the world. Over the past two years, we have, together, taken on the challenge.

In 2020, we held our historical and first March for the Martyrs, where hundreds of Christians from diverse denominations marched as one voice for the persecuted Church. We also brought to groceries refugees in Jordan and provided an 18-passenger van for orphans in Uganda. We ended 2020 with Operation Christmas for Armenia, bringing wrapped Christmas presents to hundreds of internally displaced children.

In 2021, we brought March for the Martyrs to Washington, D.C. and proclaimed our message louder than ever before: We refuse to be silent as our brothers and sisters around the world suffer persecution for their faith.

From all of us at For the Martyrs, thank you for making our mission possible and for being a voice for the persecuted. 

Let’s look back at the past two years:


As we look to the future, will you help us close out 2021 with Operation Christmas for Iraq? Click here to learn more.

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